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The Hole Story: The Evolution of Mini Golf Courses

As you most likely already know, golf was a sport that was invented centuries ago. Although what you might not know is that mini golf was not far behind the invention of regula golf. Miniature golf as we know it today was first shown in a London newspaper back on June 8th, 1912. It did not take long for this new idea to be incorporated in the United States, where it first came into play in 1916. The golf course that hosted this new miniature course was none other than the famous Pinehurst that n

Step into Your Swing: The Importance of Golf Shoes for Youth Players

For most golfers out there you have been accustomed to wearing your golf shoes during every round. Although if you are new to the sport then you might be confused as to why people wear certain shoes just to golf. Well you are in the perfect spot today as we will talk you through everything there is to know about golf shoes and why people wear them. So, why wear golf shoes? To attack the main question head on, we begin the article by answering this simple question. Despite the initial q

Drive it Home: Finding Local Golf Lessons for Youth Players

If you are looking to get your child started in golf, this article has some tips to help you. Golf is a lifelong sport and a great one for your children to learn at a young age. Golf promotes overall physical fitness, hand-eye coordination, discipline, a love of the outdoors and it encourages quiet time. The very nature of golf encourages friendships because the pace is easy and allows for conversation. One option is to speak with an employee of a sporting goods store. Many have separate de

Follow Through: Holding a Golf Club the Right Way

With the golf grip being one of the most important parts to any player’s swing, we felt like it was a very important topic to cover in this article. There are so many different ways that people hold a golf club, especially when putting, but today we are just going to cover a few of the basic golf grips. Even if you are an expert that has been playing the game for years, you will still learn something from this article. We also recommend that you grab a club while reading this so you can get star
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