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Follow Through: Holding a Golf Club the Right Way



With the golf grip being one of the most important parts to any player’s swing, we felt like it was a very important topic to cover in this article. There are so many different ways that people hold a golf club, especially when putting, but today we are just going to cover a few of the basic golf grips. Even if you are an expert that has been playing the game for years, you will still learn something from this article. We also recommend that you grab a club while reading this so you can get started on the grip right away. 

To be clear, this golf grip will be explained as if you are a right handed golfer. This is due to a vast majority of golfers being right handed, so we apologize in advance if you are a left handed golfer. Enjoy!

Step By Step: How to Hold a Golf Club Correctly

  1. Hold the club at your waist with a square face on the ground

  2. Grab the club with your left hand first, and it will rest towards the top of the club. 

  3. Stretch your fingers down the club shaft and place your palm so that “it makes a straight line diagonally across your fingers”

  4. Close your left hand, feeling the top of the handle rub against your palm

  5. Then place your right hand on top of your left thumb, covering your left thumb completely

  6. Proceed to interlock your right pinky (or little) finger with your left index finger

  7. Start Swinging!

That specifically is known as the interlocking grip and is arguably the most common golf grip known to man. There are many other ways to hold the golf club, but that is the best one that we have found and it is the most common one after all. Don’t worry, we will still talk to you about some other grips if you would like to try those instead. This grip will most likely feel really weird when you start out, especially if you were a baseball player growing up. It is the interlocking of the pinky finger and index finger that will likely throw you off the most.

Ten Finger Grip

Another extremely common grip, especially amongst beginners, is the ten finger grip. This is pretty simple and is very comparable to a baseball grip, for those who have played the sport. The steps are essentially the same as shown above, besides the interlocking of the pinky and index finger. This is the most common grip, because it is exactly how you hold almost every other object in your life. This grip can also add a little extra power, because all of your fingers are now on the club. People with small hands may also find this grip helpful!

As you can see, there are so many different ways that you can hold a golf club correctly. The overlapping, interlock, and ten finger grip are the most common grips in the sport with the interlock grip being my personal favorite. Don’t forget to use either the ten finger grip or claw grip for putting though! Either way just try out the different grips and feel what works best for you!

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