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Step into Your Swing: The Importance of Golf Shoes for Youth Players



For most golfers out there you have been accustomed to wearing your golf shoes during every round. Although if you are new to the sport then you might be confused as to why people wear certain shoes just to golf. Well you are in the perfect spot today as we will talk you through everything there is to know about golf shoes and why people wear them.

So, why wear golf shoes?

To attack the main question head on, we begin the article by answering this simple question. Despite the initial question being a simple one, the answer to it is not so simple. The first reason is simply to add grip to the bottom of your feet. By reading this article you have most likely golfed before and have also likely slipped while swinging. We don’t mean you do a 360 and fall over, but even a small backfoot slide can make for a bad swing.

Well to combat that problem golf shoes were invented! There are two different kinds, shoes with spikes and then spike-less shoes. We will get to these differences soon enough. The second main reason why people wear golf shoes is for extra power. When it comes to added grip you can afford to put more of your weight into the ground and not be worried about falling over when doing so. Therefore, adding grip in turn adds power to your swing which is another great reason why you should invest in some golf shoes today.

Now getting back to the different types of golf shoes, again we have shoes with spikes and spike-less golf shoes. We have tried both ourselves and have found that the spike-less golf shoes actually seem to give more of a grip than that with spikes. Although if we are being honest, the spike-less shoes are brand new, so of course they seem perfect now.

The main difference between the two shoes outside of the spikes themselves would be the cost. For whatever reason shoes with spikes seem to consistently cost more than spike-less golf shoes. Besides the cost, the materials are typically the same in both types of shoes and most golf brands now make both kinds. So even if you are set on one brand, you can still have the option to choose between golf shoes with spikes or spike-less shoes. 

After using golf shoes for a while you will start to notice that you will be uncomfortable without wearing them. For us, we definitely feel a little off when not wearing our golf shoes. In the end, it doesn’t really affect your game that much, but it will affect your confidence, so pick your poison there. Whether you want to wear golf shoes or not is really up to you as well, but again once you start wearing them it will be hard to stop.

We hope you found this article helpful and have learned about the importance of golf shoes!


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