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Nature Bound: Essential Items for Camping with Kids



With camping there are so many things that you can bring, but today we are highlighting the MUST HAVES for camping with kids. Besides the typical things to bring on a camping trip, above all else BRING WATER. If you feel like we have mentioned this with every article then you would be right, but that does not make it any less important. The importance of water isn’t going away anytime soon, so make sure to get it into your head and always drink water.

In fact, bring buckets and jugs of water with you, not just little water bottles. Water will be difficult to come by once you get out on your trip, and keep in mind that it is likely a multiple day trek. You are going to need water for multiple days before you begin your journey in the first place, so invest in some large water jugs to bring with you on your journey.

Besides the emphasis on water, you will still need to bring the normal camping gear on your trip. This includes an extra pair of clothes for starters, but make sure that it is a pair of clothes that you are willing to get dirty. You should also bring a windbreaker or rain jacket along with you in case bad weather does roll in. With many camping spots out in the wilderness you must have hiking boots with you. This will allow you to climb all over the rocks or water so you can have a fun camping trip.

On top of water, you are also going to need to bring sunscreen along, because the last thing you want to happen is to get sun poisoning or cancer on top of your possible dehydration. You must have sun gear with you, not only sunscreen but also other items like a hat or sun sleeves. By sun sleeves I mean long sleeves, usually white, that only go on your arms and are used to block the sun from direct contact with your skin. 

As I have noted in many other articles, being beaten down by the sun is one of the easiest ways to cut your camping trip short. It will make you feel much more tired than you actually are and will have you sitting in the shade and resting all day.

Another item that you may find helpful is a spray fan. If you do not know what this is then we highly recommend you google it real quick. Essentially it serves as a hand held battery powered fan, which can squirt out sprays of water to also keep you cool. On top of this cooling tool, a nice bucket hat is certainly worth bringing along on this trip as well.

So to summarize, you MUST HAVE water, sun gear, and a spray fan would be helpful too. If I seem repetitive, it’s because these things are essential to emphasize. Without these items your camping trip will not be very fun and you may even have to cut it short. Don’t do that, just bring these items on your trip and you’ll be good to go!


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