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The Benefits of Youth Sports: Why Your Child Should Participate



There are many reasons why your child should play sports and we will be outlining them for you today. It helps them improve both their physical and mental health as well as build lifelong friendships with their teammates. We understand that not all children will go on to be superstar athletes, but there is so much more to youth sports than just that. 

One of the first reasons why your child should play sports is much more obvious and that is that it keeps them in good physical shape. With nearly all sports today they are either running around on the field or using the quick parts of their body right for activities like wrestling or sprinting. It will certainly increase your child's cardiovascular strength by simply getting them out of the house and up and moving instead. Now it is time to look at the mental health benefits of playing sports as well.

Sports can be used to teach your children a lot of things such as teamwork and integrity. Assuming that your child is playing a team sport as many do, teamwork certainly plays a big part in the sport. It will often be one of the first times that your child realizes that it is not all about them but rather the betterment of the team Instead. These life lessons go way further than sports themselves, as for the majority of jobs they will likely be working on a team for the rest of their life as well. So sports certainly serve as a good way to get them to start working on a team and shifting their mindset without any real punishment.

As for integrity, every single sport has a set of rules and most sports come with umpires or referees to call out any rule violations. It is safe to say though that children play these sports a lot of the time by themselves with friends rather than strictly in organized leagues. This means that it is up to the children to be honest and call out the rules, even if it includes calling themselves out or their teammates for breaking the rules. Again this teaches them an important value that will matter for the rest of their lives without any major consequences. 

Last but not least, youth will form bonds through sports that can last a lifetime. Even if the friendship is only when they are on the team together, it is still great to get children to interact with each other and have fun with someone their own age. Especially in high school sports, some of the best friendships come between players on the same sports team.

To conclude, your child should play sports for reasons such as improved physical and mental health as well as intangible things like morals and friendships. Sports really do have the possibility to play a big part in your child’s life and you should give them that privilege to explore this healthy activity.


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