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Top eSports Apps for Kids: Keeping them Entertained and Engaged



Today we are pleased to provide you with everything that you need to know about esports apps. In our list of the top 4 best esports apps, you will find everything there is to know about mobile esports and esports games, which even includes some of our favorite games too. With so many games to talk about, let's get right into all of the best esports apps!

1 - Clash Royale

Starting off with one of our favorite games on the list we have Clash Royale, which is arguably the best esports app. You will often find people streaming this game on the twitch mobile app. What is ironic about this game is the fact that it is actually a sequel in a series of games. The original game here was Clash of Clans which is just as popular, but is not an esports app.

2 - PUBG

Even though this game may be a lot more popular amongst your friends than Clash Royale, it is actually only second on our list. It is up there with Fortnite, which actually came after this game was invented, but don't worry, we'll get there. This is often another game that you will find on the twitch app, with streamers playing it since it is one of the best battle royale games around. It just also happens to be one of the oldest ones, so fans are more accustomed to it.

3 - Fortnite

A game that needs little to no introduction at all, Fortnite. This game has captivated players around the world within the last year and has led to record amounts of views from competition to competition. It has also held host to some of the largest esports tournaments that have ever occurred. The biggest one included a Fortnite world championship in which a sixteen year old boy won three million dollars from winning the event.

What also makes this game great is that you can play it on both your PC and your phone if you would like. You can even do both if you want to play with multiple people at the same time! There have been plenty of times where my family and I have all sat down in the living room and teamed up on this game to take down the world as a squad. Even though I am nowhere near as good as a professional Fortnite player, it is still a ton of fun.

4 - Mobile Legends

As the name suggests this is another mobile app that is popular in the esports world. What makes this game special is its five versus five battles that are similar to other games such as League of Legends. This gives players a fun way to play, especially since it is a quick mobile game rather than a PC game that takes hours to play. What also makes this game a great fit is the fact that it falls under a genre that is perfect for esports. It is a fast paced game with lots of fighting, so what is there not to love, right?


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