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Achieving Your Sports Goals: The Power of Determination and Work Ethics



Are you a young athlete that just lost a close game? Or are you getting tired of the sport you once loved? Are you discouraged because you feel like your hard work isn’t paying off? Well believe us when we say, we know exactly how you feel. Playing sports can be tough, especially at a young age when it is so important to you and you are working your hardest to excel. What you need to know is that even college and professional athletes struggle on a daily basis. Even the pros have bad games or lose big moments, but what makes them different is that with their determination and perseverance they keep pushing forward.

Even before they became professional athletes they were in your shoes at one point, believe it or not. You know, there is a great story about perseverance and it is about Michael Jordan himself. You most likely know him as one of the best basketball players of all time, but he was not always that good. In fact, for most of his life he believed his older brother was the best basketball player in the world, but that is a different story. This story is centered around one of the most important times that Michael Jordan failed and how it changed his life forever.

A lot of high schools host tryouts for their sports, or at least high schools used to back in the day. Well of course Michael Jordan had to try out for the basketball team too and he did in ninth grade. The only problem was that he didn’t make the team! That’s right, Michael Jordan didn’t even make it on his high school basketball team on his first try. Although he didn’t quit and used it as fuel to make him even better and he practiced all summer. This is where his determination, work ethic, and perseverance come into play.

Starting with determination, even after working hard for his tryouts he still didn’t make it. Although he was determined and sought out on playing basketball which is where his work ethic came into play too. I imagine that you are just as determined and have a high ethic which is why you are still reading this. Well believe us, you can do it! Do not let this one failure or feeling stop you from pursuing your dreams. Always keep the end goal in mind and remember that your workouts and practices are only helping you get to that destination. Now you should still do your best to enjoy the journey along the way, but never lose sight of your end goal.

With perseverance you can accomplish anything! Never stop working hard, rely on your determination and work ethic when things get tough. Read this all again if it helps you and gets you motivated. Do whatever healthy things you need to, to get yourself working towards your goals and succeed. Even though we do not know you, we believe in you and are rooting for you no matter what! Go crush your goals!


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