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Camping with Care: Building Safe Campfires for Kids



One of the things that is important to any campout is a campfire, especially when you are learning as a kid. Lucky for you there are many different types of campfires that you can build! Through all of my experiences I can say that I have built every single type of campfire on this list, but it is certainly not all of the campfires possible. Today we have narrowed it down to five different ways to make a successful & safe campfire. So whether you are trying to make a campfire right now or are looking to make one on your next outing, enjoy this article!


It begins with a wide circular base and it decreases in radius as it goes up. This is also pretty easy to set up, because you can simply lean the sticks up against each other as the name suggests. Now one of the drawbacks of this kind of campfire is that the wood will burn quickly and it requires constant maintenance because of this. So this way of building a campfire is best for a quick start, not a night long event.

Log Cabin

Up next we have the log cabin setup which is also setup like the name suggests. This option is a little different because you can set it up easily, but it burns for much longer than the teepee option. As long as you make the lower base with thick logs that will burn for a while, this way will last you hours and hours. If you are looking for a longer lasting campfire then check this one out!

Platform (Upside-Down Pyramid)

This way is one of the most complex and it also has the most specific purpose. It is designed to cook food, and not much else. It is best to think of it as the upside-down pyramid, but as you can imagine that is difficult to set up. Although the top down setup is great for cooking, because it can be used as a platform to hold the cooking equipment. Unless you are cooking, I don’t really recommend this option.


Similar to the teepee campfire, the star fire comes from Native American heritage. They invented this type of campfire based on their low supplies of wood, because it burns the wood bit by bit. This conserves the most wood possible, because the ends of the woods are what is burned in this case. What also makes this method great is that you shouldn’t have to cut the logs at all since you are only burning the ends!


The lean-to is the simplest campfire possible, because all that you need is one large log and then other smaller sticks to lean onto it. This will also help maintain a low level of wood required, but also burns for a long time. This method is really the best of both worlds and is what we recommend above all else.


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