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Game, Set, Smash! A Kid-Friendly Guide to Mastering the Badminton Smash



In today’s article I will be teaching you everything there is to know about smashing a badminton. No matter what, just follow our advice here and you will be well on your way to smashing a badminton!

Within this article you will find a multistep process to smash a badminton. Keep reading to learn exactly what these steps are!

Method  1: Forehand Smash

Step 1: Approach the Shuttlecock with a Forehand Grip

Step 2: Assume a Surefooted Stance

Step 3: Raise Your Arms and Prepare to Strike

Step 4: Strike the Shuttlecock

Step 5: Follow Through With Your Swing and Recover for the Next Rally

These may seem like simple steps at first, but there is a lot more information behind these steps than originally meets the eye. Starting with step 1, this is often called an “injection of pace” which really means that you add some speed to your strike.

Moving onto step 3 of this method, think of the angle that the shuttle will follow. To have the best smash possible, you will need this angle to be as downward as possible.

With step 4 power is a very important part of the process, but you must remember to hit the shuttle in the middle of the racket. Once you feel the shuttle you are going to need to snap your wrist downward.

Method  2: Jumping Smash

Step 1: Get Under and Behind the Shuttlecock Quickly

Step 2: Prepare to Jump

Step 3: Jump to Intercept the Shuttle at the Highest Point You Can Reach

Step 4: Smash the Shuttle Over the Net

Step 5: Follow Through and Stick the Landing

A jumping smash has a very similar motion to the forehand smash, besides the jump of course. It is a risk reward move though, because it will allow you to hit the shuttle with greater force but there is also a greater room for error.

Speaking of the jump, step 4, timing is the most important part here! You want to be at the highest point of your jump whenever you smash the shuttle. 

Again the angle is important here, but landing correctly is even more important. You want to make sure that you stick the landing so you don’t injure yourself with this move.

Method  3: Backhand Smash

Step 1: Choose Your Moment Carefully

Step 2: Position Yourself to Backhand Smash

Step 3: Crush the Shuttle and Get Ready for the Return

Last but not least, the backhand smash, which is the hardest way to smash a badminton. 

For this smash you actually want your arm to be as close to your body as possible. With your non smashing arm, you want to maintain your balance in a solid position.

We hope you have found this article helpful and go try to smash a badminton today!


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